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Event Title Certification for The Autism Program Environment Rating Scales ( APERS)-Assessing and Improving Program Quality for Children and Youth on the Spectrum
Location Online
Sponsor FPG CDI
Date/Time 08/28/2024 - 10/03/2024 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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Cutoff Date 08/23/2024 Must register before this date
For more information, contact the event administrator: Barbara Lowery barbara.lowery@unc.edu
Event Presenters
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Ann Sam, Becky Dees
During this virtual training, participants will learn how to use the Autism Program Environment Rating Scale (APERS) in their setting to assess program quality for students with autism. Content will include procedures for administering, scoring, and interpreting the instrument, and for providing feedback to the school program being assessed.

This online training is designed for professionals who support educators in school settings that serve autistic students across school ages in both inclusive and separate settings. The information shared is relevant for related service providers, coaches/technical assistance providers, district/state level support teams, and administrators.
Participants in this training will:
1.      understand the research, features, and domains of the APERS instrument,
2.      recognize aspects of program quality for autistic students,
3.      practice and discuss the APERS self-assessment,
4.      understand steps for administering APERS including scheduling, observations, record reviews, interviews, and protocols,
5.      engage in interactive case-scenarios including scoring, review of videos, and preparation for in-person APERS,
6.      practice in-person APERS in a setting determined by participant,
7.      discuss in small groups scored APERS, and
8.      interpret APERS outcomes to generate a report, debrief, and an action plan.

Training will include both didactic instruction, small group discussion, case-scenarios, and independent study. Participants must participate and leave cameras on to obtain CEUs and an APERS Certification.

We encourage participants from the same district/school/team to sign up to complete the APERS training together.


·         Any computer with high-speed internet access, microphone, and camera
·         Zoom
·         A copy of the Autism Program Environment Rating Scale from Brookes Publishing
·         Access to a school-based setting to complete a practice APERS (participant schedules within three weeks of Day 2 training)

Highly recommended:

Participants from the same district or organizations are encouraged to sign up for the same training to enhance the small group discussions and practice. However, individuals are welcome to sign up on their own.

NOTICE: The registration fee for this online training is NON-REFUNDABLE.
Have your credit card information on hand before you continue with this registration. VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVERY are the only Credit Cards we accept.


·         This online training is designed for professional participants.
·         Upon completion of this virtual training, participants will receive an APERS Certification and 2.6 CEUs from the UNC Friday Center.
·         You will be provided a welcome letter the week before the start of training with virtual meeting details (Zoom link) and links to materials.            APERS Certificate will be emailed the week after successfully completing training.
·         The CEUs will be provided by the UNC Friday Center within 45 days of successfully completing the training.
·         If you have questions about registering, please email the npdc@unc.edu


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