Event Details
Event Title The Good Neighbor Initiative: University, Town and Nonprofit Collaboration
Location Carolina Union 2518AB
Sponsor Carolina Center for Public Service
Date/Time 02/26/2024 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
For more information, contact the event administrator: Macy Green macyag@unc.edu
Event Presenters
Name Title  
Samantha Luu Director, Chapel Hill Campus and Community Coalition
Diana Koo Director of Communications and Student Engagement, Marian Cheek Jackson Center
Aaron Bachenheimer Executive Director of Student Development and Campus Partnerships
Rebecca Buzzard Community Connections Manager, Town of Chapel Hill
Zequel Hall Community Connections Coordinator, Town of Chapel Hill
Molis Mout Off Campus Student Life Coordinator, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Cameron Myers-Milne Student Engagement Intern, Marian Cheek Jackson Center
Melissa Peters UNC Masters of Public Policy Intern, Town of Chapel Hill
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The partner organizations leading this session have worked together for almost 20 years on the Good Neighbor Initiative (GNI). The GNI is about promoting positive living experiences in neighborhoods where students and non-students live in close proximity. This long-standing partnership and collaboration presents an opportunity to come together and host a session for students about off-campus living and community building. In this panel session, representatives of four partner organizations will: 

A Carolina Engagement Week Event
Carolina Engagement Week is your chance to explore the impact of community-driven partnerships powered by state and local community leaders and Carolina researchers. By attending one or more sessions, you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of the methods and collaborative approaches that are working effectively throughout different parts of North Carolina. You can also identify new opportunities to engage in community initiatives around the state designed to create social and economic impact.


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