Event Details
Event Title IDEAL Communities: HOPE NC's Collective Impact Approach to Creating Inclusive Housing in North Carolina
Location Genome Science, Room G010
Sponsor Carolina Center for Public Service
Date/Time 03/01/2024 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
For more information, contact the event administrator: Macy Green macyag@unc.edu
Event Presenters
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Kevin Giff Community Programs Specialist, Community Practice Lab, Project Manager, Communities on the Move, UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Laura Wells Executive Director, HOPE NC
Dania Khan Graduate Intern, UNC Partnerships in Aging Program
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Collective impact is a structured approach to foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders to address complex social problems through shared goals, measurement, coordinated activities, ongoing communication and dedicated support (Kania & Kramer 2011). In 2022, HOPE NC launched IDEAL Communities, a collective impact initiative that brings together community members, organizations and institutions to advocate for more inclusive and affordable housing options for older adults and adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD) in North Carolina, with a focus on building a model inclusive community in the Triangle. In the presentation, attendees will learn about the collective impact framework by examining HOPE NC’s IDEAL Communities initiative as a case study. Through this, presenters will share initial outcomes, lessons learned and future opportunities of the initiative. Attendees will then have the opportunity to apply what they learn about collective impact to a social problem related to their own work or interests.

A Carolina Engagement Week Event
Carolina Engagement Week is your chance to explore the impact of community-driven partnerships powered by state and local community leaders and Carolina researchers. By attending one or more sessions, you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of the methods and collaborative approaches that are working effectively throughout different parts of North Carolina. You can also identify new opportunities to engage in community initiatives around the state designed to create social and economic impact.


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