Event Details
Event Title Climatopia Game: Building Resilient Communities in North Carolina
Location Carolina Hall 104
Sponsor Carolina Center for Public Service
Date/Time 02/29/2024 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM
For more information, contact the event administrator: Macy Green macyag@unc.edu
Event Presenters
Name Title  
Rachel Willis, PhD Professor of American Studies; Adjunct Professor of Economics, Affiliated Faculty of Global Studies
Halle Evans Environmental Health Sciences, 2024
Sydney Van Buren Communications Studies, 2024
Hannah Garner Psychology and English, 2024
Payton Wojcik English and Comparative Literature, 2024
Gabrielle Augier Global Studies, 2026
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CLIMATOPIA’s 2024 Research Team will introduce and play the award-winning climate resilience game with participants. Created in 2020, the innovative fabric game focuses on empowering communities by teaching disaster preparedness and recovery strategies. Participants will be able to view prototypes of the CLIMATOPIA game throughout its development in three courses: APPLES Service Learning (AMST 398), Rising Waters (AMST 460) and Communicating Water Challenges of Climate Change with the Visual and Performing Arts (AMST 641), to see how the game has evolved since its creation. Designed and produced at UNC’s BeAM Makerspace facilities using 3D printing, laser cutting and sewing, CLIMATOPIA has been introduced to a range of audiences at platforms such as the NOAA RISA Coastal Carolinas conference, Clean Tech Summit, Morehead Teen Science Cafe and Kidzu Children’s museum. By playing CLIMATOPIA, participants will learn to protect themselves and their communities from hurricanes, floods, ice and snow, water disease threats, extreme heat, droughts and wildfires.

A Carolina Engagement Week Event
Carolina Engagement Week is your chance to explore the impact of community-driven partnerships powered by state and local community leaders and Carolina researchers. By attending one or more sessions, you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of the methods and collaborative approaches that are working effectively throughout different parts of North Carolina. You can also identify new opportunities to engage in community initiatives around the state designed to create social and economic impact.

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