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Event Title Designing Web Surveys (Online)
Location Online via Zoom
Sponsor H.W. Odum Institute
Date/Time 04/11/2024 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM
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Cutoff Date 04/09/2024 Must register before this date
For more information, contact the event administrator: Jill Stevens jill_stevens@unc.edu
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Amanda Smith Research Survey Methodologist within the Program for Research in Survey Methodology at RTI International.
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This 4-course will be held online only. Attendance is required as it will not be recorded.

This course will provide an introduction to effectively designing web surveys to avoid common pitfalls that impact data quality and introduce measurement error. The course will focus on the following elements of web survey design – overall formatting and visual layout of screens, selecting and designing questions and response options (e.g., radio buttons, check boxes, grids, and open text fields), error and validation messaging, navigation elements, and usability. Special considerations for designing web surveys to accommodate mobile response will also be covered. This course will also provide an overview of the various web survey software systems available and offer practical guidance on selecting appropriate platforms. However, this course will not provide instruction on the technical aspects of web survey programming or introduce programming languages. The course will draw from empirical literature on best practices coupled with practical considerations when designing and implementing web surveys.

This course will count for 4.0 CSS short course credits.
UNC - Chapel Hill