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Event Title Optimizing Data Collection and Creating Maps with Drones (Online)
Location Online via Zoom
Sponsor H.W. Odum Institute
Date/Time 01/30/2024 - 04/24/2024
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For more information, contact the event administrator: Jill Stevens jill_stevens@unc.edu
Event Presenters
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Susan Cohen Associate Director of the UNC Institute for the Environment (IE) and the Director of the Carolina Drone Lab.
Troy Walton Senior research associate at the UNC Institute for the Environment's Carolina Drone Lab.
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Expired Optimizing Data Collection and Creating Maps with Drones (Online) 01/30/2024 9:00 AM 3:00 PM 01/21/2024 $0.00
Registering Optimizing Data Collection and Creating Maps with Drones (Online) 04/24/2024 9:00 AM 3:00 PM 04/22/2024 $0.00
This course is being offered in collaboration between the Odum Institute and the Center for Urban & Regional Studies. Attendance is required - this course will not be recorded.

This one-day short course, led by the Carolina Drone Lab, will cover drone data collection, planning, and analysis. Small unoccupied aircraft systems (sUAS or drones) are a common mapping and 3D-modeling tool in many organizations. To fully leverage the technology and its benefits, there needs to be a foundation in understanding how to collect quality images and process those images into usable information. The course discusses the best flight parameters for different environments along with advanced data analysis in a GIS environment. Attendees will be introduced to: mission planning, creating automated flights for data capture, processing software for drone imagery (Pix4dMapper), and working with drone imagery in GIS. Commonly used tools and resources will be shared!

Students will learn the technical capabilities and limitations of the drones available for use, and why selection of the right drone and sensor combination is important to obtaining the right data for a project. This course offers participants the chance to learn about a broad spectrum of techniques to take the next steps on their own.

Course sections:
1. Mission planning with enhanced safety

- learn how to plan a mission safely and in compliance with FAA rules and regulations

- this is not a comprehensive review of all FAA rules, but regulations will be included in mission planning

2. Mission planning software overview

- become familiar with different planning software for both multicopter and fixed wing drones

3. Data processing from upload of images to creation of an orthomosaic

- review outputs of digital surface models, 2D and 3D orthomosaics, and other potential products

4. Ingesting data into GIS platforms for display, further analysis, and map making

The Audience: UNC faculty, students, and staff as well as anyone outside the university who would be interested in attending. The course is designed for anyone with moderate computer skills and an interest in taking their drone skills beyond video and still images. The principles and techniques are not overly complicated, simply new to most people. All disciplines would benefit from this course and there are lessons for a variety of fields including engineering, geography, agriculture, planning, and natural resource management. Small unoccupied aircraft systems (sUAS) have many uses, anyone interested in learning to collect images and process data is encouraged to attend.

-  No previous drone experience required, although basic flying experience and knowledge of regulations is helpful.

- This class is 100% virtual. Data will be shared with students prior to class to follow along in GIS. ArcGIS Pro will be used by the instructor.
UNC - Chapel Hill