Event Details
Event Title Rat Handling and Techniques
Location Glaxo 148
Sponsor Office of Animal Care and Use
Date/Time 06/01/2023 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Cutoff Date 05/30/2023 Must register before this date
For more information, contact the event administrator: Vanessa Gunn iacuc@med.unc.edu
Sorry, This event has expired

The DCM Rat Handling and Techniques class is a hands-on wet lab designed to teach students basic techniques in rat handling. Techniques taught include restraint, simple injections, bleeding techniques, anesthesia, and euthanasia.  All UNC rat handlers are welcome to attend.  Alternatively, training and certification may be provided through a certified proficient Laboratory Animal Coordinator. 

Prerequisites: Research Profile, Lab Worker Form, Animal Handler Form, and IACUC/DCM on-line orientation (https://acap.research.unc.edu/iacuc_reg/).

The course material is available for downloading and referencing under the URL: (Please ensure that you review this information prior to class)

Rat Handling Class Materials  

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