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Event Title Balance Through Movement Yoga Teacher Training: Lead with Compassion, 200-hour YTT
Location Online via Zoom
Sponsor UNC Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - Program on Integrative Medicine
Date 09/23/2023 - 03/24/2024
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Whitney Wilkerson & Laura Terry Led by Balance Through Movement\
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Balance Through Movement Yoga Teacher Training: Lead with Compassion, 200-hour YTT

Led by Balance Through Movement, hosted by The UNC Program on Integrative Medicine

Credit hours, 200 hours, 20 CEU Credit hours

Beginning Date: Saturday, September 23, 2023

End Date: Sunday, March 24, 2024

Need in the community, importance, community outreach:

In addition, to lay people in the community who want to know more for their personal development and to teach yoga in a safe, helpful, and accessible way, clinicians, including physicians, physical therapists, nurses, clinical social workers, and clinical psychologists, are looking for tools and complementary techniques to teach their patients and clients how to cope with pain, anxiety, depression, chronic illness, etc.

Lay people and health care providers experience stress and emotional strain that can manifest physically in the body. Yoga and other mindfulness practices taught in our curriculum help people reconnect mind and body and deal successfully with emotional and physical strain and tension.

Most yoga teacher training programs offer instruction in a yoga practice designed for an athletic and flexible person. They are not readily accessible to people with other body types, injuries, illnesses, or pain. This "traditional" training typically lacks anatomy and physiology instruction and evidence for why this practice is helpful.

Our curriculum teaches an inclusive and compassionate approach to yoga with a foundation in contemporary anatomy, neuroscience, and research-backed mindfulness tools.

The general adult audience, students and fellows, and healthcare providers who wish to teach yoga and include it in their clinical practice or for their self-care.


200- hours of instruction, including lectures, practicum, discussion, independent reading and projects, embodied practice, and small group exercises to integrate our mind/body curriculum so that participants are ready to teach others yoga, teach components of yoga, and mindfulness to their clients and patients, and to have a deeper understanding of their mind/body connection for their self-care.

In each training session, the students will learn the following:

Agenda and corresponding Objectives: 11 weekends/ times/dates/asynchronous learning

WEEK 1: Welcome To Your Yoga

Learning Objectives: Explore what you hope to gain from the training as we review the history of yoga & introduction to the physical & subtle body. Discussion & practicum include:


WEEK 2: Accessibility & The Nervous System

Learning Objectives: How can you intentionally create brain-friendly classes that emotionally, physically, and cognitively support and address what might arise in you, your students, or your loved ones? We will take an in-depth look at the following:


 WEEK 3: The Brain on Yoga

Learning Objectives: Yoga, mindfulness, breath-work, and relaxation exercises can support and change the way we feel, but what is the science behind why it works?


WEEK 4: Movement As Medicine

Learning Objectives: Discover how to use somatic practices such as asana and physical therapy-inspired techniques to nurture biological variability and lead mindfulness and breath practices to influence the health of the nervous system.


WEEK 5: Body, Breath, and Energetic Anatomy

Learning Objectives: How can understanding energetic "anatomy" support your teaching? This weekend we will:


WEEK 6: Cultivating Calm: Rest and Restoration

Learning Objectives: Through the teaching and exploration of restorative and healing asana, as well as complementary modalities to the physical practice of yoga, we will discover how to:


WEEK 7: Creating Mindful Strength & Mobility

Learning Objectives: Discover the impact of a healthy myofascial system and tools to incorporate this into your practice and teach classes to others.


WEEK 8: Finding Your Voice As A Yoga Teacher

Learning Objectives: Discover your strengths, what you value as a teacher, and how your unique and authentic voice can guide others to a practice that is deeply fulfilling for them.


WEEK 9: Getting Down To Business: What Is Next?

Learning Objectives: How do you incorporate these teachings into your professional or personal endeavors?


WEEK 10: Pulling it all Together.

Learning Objectives: This weekend will feature:


WEEK 11: Graduation

Learning Objectives:

*Asynchronous Learning Includes:

**Additional Synchronous Learning Includes:

Upon completion of our accredited program, you will be eligible for the 200-hour level of certification through the UNC department of Integrative Medicine and able to register as a certified yoga teacher Through Yoga Alliance.

Evaluation and Procedure:

Practicums throughout the training, homework assignments, capstone project, written final exam, and course survey after the training,

UNC Payroll Deduction is available to University of North Carolina Employees

Course Leaders

Whitney and Laura are co-founders and lead trainers of the Lead with Compassion Yoga Teacher Training Program, hosted by UNC's Program on Integrative Medicine.

Whitney G. Wilkerson, NBC-HWC, E-RYT 500, Yoga Educator, and Balance Through Movement Founder

 Whitney is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness coach in leadership development focusing on behavioral change and compassion-based interventions. She supports clients in building and maintaining physical, emotional, & spiritual health through cognitive inquiry, mindful awareness, and somatic exploration. Discover more about Whitney here.

Laura Terry, Master's in Physical Therapy, BA in Exercise and Sport Science, E-RYT 200, Yoga Educator, and Balance Through Movement Founder

A Physical Therapist since 1998 and a yoga instructor since 2008, Laura Terry combines the science of Physical Therapy and yoga's mind/body integration in her teaching. Laura has her private practice of Yoga and Physical Therapy in Chapel Hill. Learn more here about Laura and her practice.

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