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Event Title Post Initiation Activities of RNA Polymerases
Location Mountain Lake Lodge, Pembroke, Virginia
Sponsor UNC Dept of Chemistry
Date 11/10/2022 - 11/13/2022
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Cutoff Date 11/11/2022 Must register before this date
For more information, contact the event administrator: Laura Yurco laura_yurco@unc.edu
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The twentieth biennial meeting on "Post-Initiation Activities of RNA Polymerases" covers a variety of topics, including, initiation, pausing, elongation, termination, as well as coupled DNA repair and RNA processing with a healthy mix of archaeal, bacterial, and eukaryotic systems. Biochemical and structural analyses are emphasized with approaches ranging from single molecule to global bioinformatics.

Participants must make their own lodging arrangements with Mountain Lake Lodge.
UNC - Chapel Hill