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Event Title UNESCO Intercultural Competency Training
Location held via Zoom
Sponsor World View
Date/Time 01/21/2021 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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Dr. Darla K. Deardorff, Executive Director of the Association of International Education Administrators, will lead us in a training experience to build intercultural competencies based on her newly released Manual for Developing Intercultural Competencies: Story Circles, published by UNESCO and Routledge. The Story Circles methodology promotes intercultural competence development in building more inclusive societies and can be used in and out of classrooms. It has been piloted around the world through the United Nations and is now to available in 5 languages as open-access for all through this link: HTTPS://WWW.TAYLORFRANCIS.COM/BOOKS/9780429244612. We will learn more about this intercultural tool and experience Story Circles through a highly interactive virtual session.
UNC - Chapel Hill