Event Details
Event Title Finding Serenity and Joy Through Collaboration and Compassion
Location Online
Sponsor Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities (CIDD)
Date/Time 11/11/2020 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
For more information, contact the event administrator: Debbie Reinhartsen Debbie.Reinhartsen@cidd.unc.edu
This Event was CANCELLED<

Due to unforseen curcumstances, event Finding Serenity and Joy Through Collaboration and Compassion has been cancelled.
It will hopefuly be rescheduled in the Spring. 

If you have any questions regarding this event you can contact the event administrator, Debbie Reinhartsen via email at Debbie.Reinhartsen@cidd.unc.edu


“Finding Serenity and Joy Through Collaboration and Compassion”

Our discussion involves the story about the intersection between the lives of two professional Black men and fathers in the IDD world and creating safe spaces for young people with IDD.  Darrin will share about his journey from working in the correctional system to opening group homes for individuals with IDD.  Michael will discuss his role as a father raising and transitioning a son with special needs.  Together, Darrin and Michael will address racial and health disparities affecting people with IDD, their families, and how their unique partnership is making a difference in North Carolina.


Learning objectives:

1.  COVID-19: a perspective of Black men within the IDD world

2.   How biases adversely affect healthy outcomes (disparities) for the members of the black/IDD community

3.   Strategies for families to finding peace (serenity) & mutual joy in the midst of it all

UNC - Chapel Hill